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Origin: Los Angeles

Genre: Soul

Years Active: 2000 - Present

Label: Blu Productions

Official Websites: Blu



Sharon “BluRain” calls herself a beautician of song, hair, and words. She says the gift of hair styling introduced her to artistry. She is a melodic song bird, a coffee house artist, a local poet, and a blue rain angel. Do you know what blue rain is? It’s that beautiful tone that rain takes on those warm summer nights. It’s warmer than most rains and it’s softer. It may not be why she calls herself BluRain but it certainly is what you think of when you hear her. Honed on international city streets her voice is probably what Jimi Hendrix was prophet sizin’ when he wrote his soulful hit, “Crying Blue Rain.” Her voice has been trained to uplift the soul and has found its’ way in church choirs, on international stages, American television screens and even in prison cells. There’s no place Ms. BluRain can’t liven and lift. In a world with studio musicians and record label “acts” it’s refreshing to encounter a true musical spirit…a self created artist.

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